Evidence of Program Effectiveness

The ANFPP is based on the Nurse-Family Partnership home visiting program developed by Professor David Olds in the United States. Informed by rigorous research, the program has developed over more than three decades.

The positive impact of the program has been demonstrated through three separate well-designed and implemented randomised controlled trials. These occurred at:

These trials measure:

  • Pregnancy outcomes,
  • Qualities of parental caregiving (including improved child health and development), and
  • Maternal life-course development (return to school, find work, plan future pregnancies).

These studies have demonstrated consistent benefits for mothers and their children visited by NFP nurses compared to those randomly assigned to not receive the program. Compared to control families, the short-term (0-2 years), intermediate (3-6 years) and long-term (15 years) outcomes for those with Nurse Home Visitors, which were demonstrated in at least one of the trials, are listed below.

  • Improved outcomes in pregnancy by improving women’s prenatal health;
  • Improved child health and development by helping parents to provide more skilled parenting;
  • Improved parental life course by helping parents to plan future pregnancies, to complete their education and find work.

The Family-Nurse Partnership United Kingdom Randomised Control Trial

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) National Unit is committed to understanding how FNP can improve the lives of vulnerable mothers, families and children in the UK. Department of Health and Public Health England who hold the license for the delivery of FNP in England. The Department of Health commissioned the‘Building Blocks’ randomised controlled trial (RCT) from Cardiff University to provide independent evidence on the effectiveness of the FNP programme in improving short term outcomes for young parents and their babies. Go to http://fnp.nhs.uk/randomised-control-trial for information about the outcomes of this research.

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