What's involved?

The ANFPP is a nurse-led home visiting program provided by the same Nurse Home Visitor for the duration of a mother’s involvement, based on the US Nurse-Family Partnership. The nurse home visits occur during Pregnancy, Infancy, and Toddlerhood. During these visits the NHV facilitates the client’s identification goals and the development of strategies to achieve those goals.

The NHV provides information and education to mothers using a strengths-based approach which builds the mothers’ capacity to identify solutions to problems. The mothers are thus empowered as they learn how to work with their strengths, realise the power of their own actions and gain a greater sense of control over their lives.

The content of the home visits is organised around six domains of individual and family functioning.

  1. Personal health: Increasing the mother’s knowledge and confidence in her ability to engage in positive health maintenance practices, and promoting mental health functioning.
  2. Environmental health: Developing mother’s awareness of the adequacy of home, work, education and community settings, assisting her to improve these environments and avoid dangerous situations.
  3. Life course development: Supporting the mother to explore goals and develop a vision of her future.
  4. Maternal role: Assisting the mother’s to adjust to her maternal role and develop knowledge, skills and confidence in her ability to promote the health and development of her child.
  5. Family and friends: Helping mother’s deal with relationship issues and to identify people that can assist with child care and provide social support.
  6. Health and human services: Linking families with community services appropriate to their needs and for which family resources are inadequate.