Accessibility Statement

The Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program is committed to providing information accessible to a widest possible audience and has taken steps to improve the availability of this information on this website. Please note this will be an interative process and improvements will continue to be made. If you experience difficulty accessing or using a page or document please contact us by sending an email to

Accessible web design

The Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program (ANFPP) website has been developed to ensure content is available to the widest possible audience. By adhering to guidelines for accessible web design, we acknowledge the diversity of communication methods, available technologies and current abilities of web users in the community. 

Accessible Publications

All new documents released on the ANFPP website will be reviewed to make them available to the widest possible audience, including readers using assistive technology or accessibility features.

Audible content

The ReadSpeaker text-to-speech component allows all content on the website to be read aloud to the audience. Users simply click the play icon or can highlight any text to have it read back to them.

Standards compliance

This site meets all the coding criteria for compliance with W3C CSS (cascading style sheets) and XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Visit for more information.

Reading PDF Files

Modern browsers will be able to open PDF Files within your browsing session. For older browsers, to read offline or if you are experiencing difficulties, download the latest version of the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.